Planning 2019We love to visit our members!

The best SBN meeting is combined with an introduction by our host.
We are delighted when our host shares information about their business and their use of SAP. Depending on the location we sometimes even get a small guided tour in the facilities.

If invited by a Partner or SAP, this is very nice connected to all the knowledge which is found inside of the walls of the location and the business meetings these locations trigger. 


SBN plans a number of activities for experience and knowledge sharing in 2019.

We believe that meeting face-to-face is of great value.

Meeting our members business is exciting and interesting. 

We will as usual run some of our events at our members and partners locations.
The biggest advantage is for the host is the unlimited number of participants at the meeting.  

-->If you like to host an event, please send me an email or call.
All suggestions are equally welcome but the principle is always, the first to come are served first.


These are the activities that are so far planned in Norway for 2019:

  • GDPR, 12. mars - Oslo-area (Bernt Bakken)
  • SAP Cloud Workshop, 13-14. mars - Oslo-area (Martin Brownsword)
  • Energi, 20. mars - Stavanger at Equinor (Bernt)
  • Prosjekt-ledership, 9. april - Oslo-area (Martin)
  • EAM, 13. mai - Oslo-området og Stavanger + Remote (Bernt)
  • IT (S/4HANA),14.mai - Oslo-area og Stavanger + Remote (Martin)
  • HR, 15. mai Oslo-området og Stavanger + Remote (Bernt)
  • Retail og Leonardo 21. mai - Oslo-area (Martin)
  • Finans, 22. mai - Oslo-area (Didrik)
  • Master Data, 11. juni - Oslo-area (Bernt)
  • Solution Manager, 12. juni - Oslo-area (Martin)
  • Procure2Pay, 18. juni - Oslo-area og Stavanger + Remote (Bernt and Didrik Arstad)
  • SAP Analytics Cloud,19. juni - Oslo-area (Andries and Didrik)
  • Hackathon, 4th October (5-6 locations in Nordic region)
  • SBN Conference, 23-24 October (Oslo area)


SBN-Adfahrer team EMF in black in the middleI and the team look forward to hear from you!
It's awesome if you have ideas for location or new events or areas we should focus on.

Please contact EM Fahrer (in middle) on e-mail em[at] or
phone 00 46 70 56 97 808 or inside Sweden 07 05 69 78 08
or anyone else in the team ... see you!

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