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 Marco Dorn SAP

Marco Dorn,

Product Manager for SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory and Kyma,

SAP Customer Experience
Hybris Gmbh

A short summary from a blog post which is summarising the latest developments on the SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory. This SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory is based on the open source project Kyma.

The SAP Cloud Platform plays an important role as an orchestration and integration layer for SAP cloud solutions delivering an end-o-end customer experience.  

SAP cloud solutions, as well as non-SAP solutions, will be connected in a standardised and efficient way by the extended platform. Event-driven extensions and the leveraging the APIs of several solutions will be "made easy" with the extended SAP Cloud Platform.

The SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory will not be a separate product. It will be an integral part of SAP Cloud Platform, facilitating the management of connected systems and their respective extensions.

The SAP Cloud Platform of today can create extensions for various SAP cloud solutions, i.e. SuccessFactors, C4C and S/4 HANA. In addition to the already existing possibilities to create, develop and run extensions on the SAP Cloud Platform, the Extension Factory will add additional capabilities to help develop extensions faster for the setup of trust between applications with a global account and the registration of application APIs, business services and events to the customers’ global account.

A fragmented infrastructure, consisting of various products from different vendors is is reality for many companies and the SAP Cloud Platform will provide a consolidated Service Catalog. The platfrom will serve as the central point for discovery and consumption of business services via Open Service Broker API standard.

With the emergence of more and more cross-product scenarios – it becomes important to have an enterprise class and open extension framework in place. 

Read the full blog from Rui Nogueira for more information:

SBN is planning a web-meeting in Q1, very preliminary set to Friday the 15/2 2019.
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Read about the open source project Kyma, on this link. 

The illustration below is a copy from the kyma-project.io page


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