An awesome SAP Retail program, see presentations below:

Dani Khalaf

The intelligent Enterprise for Retail

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S/4HANA Retail – the intelligent ERP and other innovative retail solutions with Dani Khalaf. 

Retail price optimization (hands-on demo) with Oliver Grob - Director, Digital Transformation

Planning with SAP - Round table on how to plan in grocery with the retail team from SAP SE. You will get the opportunity to discuss with Dani Khalaf VP Industry Business Unit Retail and GTM lead S/4HANA Retail, Georg Meier Head of competence center SAP Retail Planning and Oliver Grob - Director, Digital Transformation all from SAP SE.

Read more about Dani here:

Dani Khalaf - VP Industry Business Unit Retail - GTM lead S/4HANA Retail, SAP SE


The retail customer Jumbo from the Netherlands 

will share experience on CAR.

Bas van Dijke 

The CAR implementation within Jumbo the project was made together with IBM. Bas van Dijke who is Senior Managing Consultant SAP Analytics and has been in the CAR project. He still works at Jumbo will share the experience from this project on behalf of the customer who can not travel to Oslo at this time. He has been fully involved in the CAR project and still is. 

The full name of CAR is SAP Customer Activity Repository. This solution is a foundation that collects transactional data and provides a common foundation with a harmonized multichannel transaction data model for all consuming applications.

Retailers can use SAP Customer Activity Repository to gradually transform their system landscapes from traditional database technology to the revolutionary, in-memory database technology.

Bas van Dijke - Senior Managing Consultant SAP Analytics, IBM Global Business Services

Michael Niestroy

How to successfully implement SAP’s Customer Activity Repository and its applications

Retailsolutions will share their experience of how to jump onto the SAP Omnichannel Retail roadmap quickly and effectively.

We will outline some useful tips and tricks and Do’s & Don’ts that will help retailers avoid making mistakes when looking at starting their journey into SAP CAR and its applications such as Promotions Management for Retail (PMR), Unified Demand Forecast (UDF), Omnichannel Article Availability (OAA), as well as System Landscape Transformation (SLT). 

  • Agenda:
    • Introduction Michael & retailsolutions                 
    • Overview SAP CAR and its Application Bundle 
    • Implementing SAP CAR – where to start              
      This will focus on POSDTA, SLT and the do’s and don’ts.
    • Implementing SAP OAA                                       
      This will focus on tips & tricks, and the various
    • Implementing SAP PMR & UDF                           
      This will focus on an overview of SAP PMR including what it does not cover (e.g. promo planning) as well as what to expect when commencing a UDF project.

Michael Niestroy - Managing Partner/SAP Retail Solution Architect/Solution Advisor, Retail Solutions

Greg Konieczka

Process excellence and practical benefits of
SAP Transportation Management

Learn how SAP Transportation and Event Management can support your organization in reaching better operational performance, reducing transportation costs, integrating with service providers, optimize transportation planning and execution.

Examples how SAP TM and EM supported other companies. What is more, we will explain migration from SAP LE-TRA to a new SAP Transportation Management.

Practical benefits for Shippers, Carriers and Logistics Service Providers.

Greg Konieczka - Senior SCM Architect, Lomansys

Ine Seidel

Nina Krantz

Promotion Planning in Axfood

Promotion Planning & Calendar in SAP PMR using UI5

  • Introduction - Axfood
  • Promotion Process at Axfood
  • Implementation of SAP including PMR (Promotion Management for Retail)
  • Promotion Planning & Calendar in SAP PMR using Fiori (SAP UI5)
  • Key success factors & Lessons learned on Fiori (SAP UI5)
  • Next steps
  • Q&A

Ine Seidel - Applikationsspecialist SAP PMR, Axfood AB,
Nina Krantz - Business Process Owner Promotion at Axfood, Axfood AB



Leonardo Data Intelligence

Lisa Sammer

Leonardo Data Intelligence, focuses on developing new revenue streams and business models based on data. Especially in the Retail industry, there is a lot of potential for innovative use cases which already worked for several customers in this sector. (including a reference case - see Q6/Q7 mall example

This is planned to be an interactive, design-thinking based session, brainstorming together with the participates participants on revolutionary, competitive ideas for leveraging the potential of data.

Lisa Sammer - Engagement Manager for SAP Leonardo Data Intelligence, SAP SE 


Oliver Grob

Intelligent Technologies for Retail based on SAP Leonardo


Examples of Leonardo use cases and experience of their implementation. Examples from the retail industry, like heat-maps etc.  Oliver Grob will invite to discuss your ideas and needs.  Driving Leonardo innovation, is to open the beginners mind attitude and use the tools like design thinking and business modelling methodologies. SAP Leonardo in general, technologies, platform, KITs

Oliver Grob - Director, Digital Transformation, SAP SE

Janis Petersons

Smart Cart: revolution in retail with SAP Leonardo

Smart Cart" is an industrial IoT implementation that can revolutionize the way we interact with retail stores. By utilising Bluetooth LE beacons in combination with AI based computer vision and advanced edge processing, we can achieve a high-level consumer habit analysis without disrupting the existing infrastructure. Bluetooth beacons can make your stores smarter with a miniscule investment. By tracking your customer habits better, we can unlock personalised shopping experiences & in-depth analyses of big data that allows you to unlock upselling

Janis Petersons - Innovations Project Manager & SAP Cloud Platform, Technical Consultant, Accenture

Trond Røvang

Transportation Management

Transportation Management, description of the functionality in the software product, the integration to other systems in the process and roadmap forward for the product.

Extended Warehouse Management

Extended Warehouse Management description of the functionality in the software product, the integration to other systems in the process and roadmap forward for the product.

Trond Røvang - Solution Architect, Solution Expert - SAP, Experienced IT Professional,
Professional Presale, SAP Norge AS

Tomasz Wysocki

Alex Bulat

Trusted goods are the future of customer experience and
brand loyalty

We are at a huge cross road in time! Even though it may not feel like it, it is as big when we moved from hunter gathers to farming and when we moved from farming to industries. Technology is entering all aspects of our lives! The big disruptors are AI, IoT and Blockchain, but as a company where do you start? What value will this bring to my business? How tested are these technologies? How do you make your business future proof?


Tomasz Wysocki - Senior Project Manager / Managing Consultant -
SAP Center of Excellence, Capgemini Sverige AB
Alex Bulat - Alex Bulat- van den Wildenberg, Capgemini


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