SBN Hackathon

Our SBN Hackathon goes live - Tuesday morning it started with training.

The students now get access to tools like Analytics Cloud where the teacher is Maria Lomonosova, BUILD  where the teacher is Thomas Schörner, HANA Query Engine where the teacher is Stein Tronstad and for UI5 and WebIDE where teacher is Dietmar Steinbichler all from SAP.


It is super exiting...


It's around 50 peoples registred to this training. The training will be recorded. The remaining 60-80 students and mentors will take the training before the 21th September when the competition starts.

Lennart Rinnbäck

We have our own test student who takes the trainings. He supports in quality assuring the case the students get. He will later be mentor at KTH in Stockholm. His goal is to make his Students win...

I'm very greateful to Lennart Rinnbäck who has taken the task to quality assure the case to help us avoid technical problems and raise the quality of the data and data descriptions the students get.


Students are located at 6 largest universities in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.
Accenture and SAP are main sponsors.

It is possible register to the presentations on Saturday.

Read more about the Hackathon on this link


EM FahrerWriting this and looking forward to the Hackathon is EM Fahrer. em(at)


SBN Hackathon

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