Recognition marks Zalaris’ position as top provider of
SAP SuccessFactors-based HR solutions and services.

Everest Group, a consulting and research firm focused on strategic IT, business services, and sourcing, identified Zalaris as a ‘Major Contender’ in a new 2018 report on SAP SuccessFactors-based HR process services globally.

Everest Group’s report analyses the dynamics of the SAP SuccessFactors-based HR business process services landscape and assesses service providers across several key dimensions, such as market impact, vision and capability.

Hans-petter Mellerud Nina Stemshaug

“The cloud HR services market is growing rapidly, but it is still relatively new. Being acknowledged as a major contender in SAP SuccessFactors-based HR services is, given our pan-European footprint, a great honour as well as a challenging inspiration,” Zalaris CEO Hans-Petter Mellerud said.

Zalaris is fully committed to leveraging its private cloud-based business process outsourcing solutions for transactional and strategic HR. The company’s 17-year experience with the SAP HCM suite and status as an SAP SuccessFactors partner since 2016 have only enhanced its multi-country value proposition outside of Europe.

“This recognition represents a growth opportunity for us and our customers — to provide a coherent end-to-end employee experience including transactional HR, such as payroll business process and selected strategic HR processes,” Mellerud said.

Zalaris is a cloud partner for SAP SuccessFactors, which brings an opportunity to sell, deploy and provide post go-live services, transformation and support for each customer. This allows the company to act as a single point of contact during the entire engagement.

“Zalaris has experienced significant success in the SAP SuccessFactors-based HR business process services market, particularly in the mid-to-large enterprise segment,” said Anil Vijayan, practice director at Everest Group. “Zalaris’ domain expertise, strong service delivery capability, and ability to deliver services across a wide spectrum of HR functions serve as key differentiators. The company’s continued investments toward enhancing its technology capabilities places it well to meet the evolving needs of buyers.”

A key differentiator for Zalaris is local language support from the company’s own staff.

“We live with the same challenges as our customers using the same solutions, facing the same legal compliance reporting and requirements,” Mellerud said. “As a ‘Major Contender,’ we are in a good position to grow with our forward-looking customers into new geographies and scope while leveraging the benefits from automation/RPA as it matures, together with our customers.”

As customers to a greater degree harmonize strategic HR into the cloud, they will and must re-focus and do the same for transactional HR as it has a lot of touch points on the employee experience..


In July 2018 Zalaris announced the successful completion of its
first project implementing SAP Analytics Cloud. 

The scope – for a UK-based large company in the Professional Services industry – covered a careful selection of HR metrics and KPIs within the Zalaris analytics template library, which Zalaris has meticulously developed over the course of many years.

Zalaris’ approach enables a highly efficient rollout compared to traditional Business Intelligence (BI) projects. The six-week timetable resulted in substantially faster time to value, empowering the client to more effectively conduct and monitor daily HR statistics through comprehensive reporting across the enterprise of 8,000 employees.

The Zalaris solution provides an immediate and up-to-date perspective on trends captured through SAP SuccessFactors, and, while planned for the next rollout, easily connecting HR data to other relevant sources, such as finance and accounting, thereby more closely tying HR to the overall business. While HR and employee data are often explored in isolation from other available information, SAP Analytics Cloud includes all aspects and capabilities in relation to planning, predictive analytics and business intelligence – enabling a more proactive and holistic approach to Human Resource Management, while keeping personal data security at the heart of it all.

A joint cloud-based platform like SAP Analytics Cloud increases HR’s relevance to the overall business and allows a stronger alignment between HR strategies and overarching business strategies. 

“Many clients seek a simple standard set of HR analytical reports to be delivered in shorter timeframes and with direct connection to their data source – the SAP SuccessFactors solution in this case,” explained Sunny Patel, Global HCM Cloud Executive Manager at Zalaris. “Regular updates ensure real-time information is always available, and HR ‘super users’ can easily build reports without actually needing to become BI experts.”

Patel noted that the SAP Analytics Cloud application addresses all the client’s requirements with standard reports delivered from the Zalaris Analytics library using the SAP SuccessFactors system as its source. Advantages range from automated regular refreshes of data, and time to value in weeks instead of months, with immediate usability that allows non-BI experts to utilize the reporting tool for everything from daily insights to boardroom-ready presentation content.

“The SAP Analytics Cloud solution has many standard SAP and non-SAP Cloud application connectors,” Patel added. “Organizations can quickly take the next step into the evolution of getting greater insight into the health of their company as well as planning and predictive capabilities for future business requirements across all divisions enterprise wide.”   


As an HR and payroll services provider,
Zalaris has long focused on helping companies run efficiently and simply, creating more time to emphasize health or other passions.

Since its foundation in 2000, the company has aimed to live out a commitment to physical activity and employee health. For instance, employees can log all activities on a mobile app to keep each other accountable. Every minute registered results in money for AKTIV Against Cancer, a private foundation looking to establish physical activity as part of cancer treatment.

Zalaris has partnered with AKTIV Against Cancer since 2013 and raised more than $200,000 in that time. They have also seen a reduction in employee absences since implementing the tracking system.

Building on this dedication to innovative cancer treatment, Zalaris founder and CEO Hans-Petter Mellerud is participating in the Isklar Norseman Triathlon, a race comprised of a 3.8 km swim, a 180km bicycle ride over a mountain and a marathon on the tallest mountain in Norway. Mellerud is taking on the challenge in an attempt to raise more than $200,000 for AKTIV Against Cancer.

I’m using this opportunity to show that anything is possible, to be an example for others,” Mellerud told SAP. Even if you’re busy, running a company, we still need to make time to also think of doing something good for others.

Cut and paste from a norwegian e-mail:
I forbindelse med at jeg som CEO og grunnlegger av Zalaris ble kåret til Entrepreneur of the Year i 2017 så ble jeg utfordret i å delta i Norseman nå 4. august. Samtidig ble jeg utfordret til å benytte anledningen til å benytte min deltagelse til å samle inn penger til AKTIV mot Kreft.

Mitt mål med dette er å oppfordre alle innen Tech til å bidra
med positive verdier under #TechForGood.
Jeg oppfordrer dere som samarbeidspartner - og privat – om å gi et godt bidrag til aksjonen . Dette er samtidig en god anledning til å minne egne ansatte om viktigheten av å være minst 30 min fysisk aktiv hver dag. Bidrag gjøres enklest via som har funksjonalitet for fakturering mm.


About Zalaris:

Zalaris is certified as a SAP Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Partner and is a leading SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) and SuccessFactors consulting partner. Founded in 2000, Zalaris today operates in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Germany, UK & Ireland, including local-language service centers with extensive expertise in HR-related laws and regulations

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