Symtrax is an international company, started in France in the 1990’s but now with a very firm base in the US. They also have an office in Walldorf to strengthen their relationship and ties to SAP. Symtrax specialise in Data & Document Solutions and their main software suite Compleo, which is endorsed and certified by SAP, provides functionality and solutions in the area of document and output management.

The latest news on the Compleo suite is the possibility to post documents of all types of format onto the SAP Cloud Platform Document Center instantly and securely for sharing with suppliers, partners and customers. This is achieved through a simple, secured URL link that eliminates attachment distribution challenges and the recipient is notified by a personalised email or SMS text message. Document URLs may be saved as a private note or attachment list by the receiving party. As multiple parties can access and refer to the same unique document it provides many opportunities for simplifying processes using SAP forms and documents.

Some examples of Symtrax’s latest customers and their use of Compleo Suite are:

Decayeux STI (France), a metals transformation company, needs to digitally transform its organization to increase productivity, meet rising customer's needs, and enable growth. They are using Compleo as follows:

  • Compleo Layout to issue electronic invoices according to the European and French legislation (RGS** : Cachet Server Document)
  • Compleo Reviewer to manage supplier invoice receipt and validation to speed up business workflows, reduce processing efforts and give much needed time back to accounts departments. Also to download the invoice in Archivor and match with SAP automatically (using RFC functions).
  • Compleo Archivor for sharing business documents including invoices, and to distribute them with individual read receipt.

Tata Chemicals (India)
a global company with turnover of USD 2.4 billion has a business requirement for digitally signing documents from over 30+ plants in India for Goods and Services Tax (GST) Compliance and by mandate from the Indian Government. Compleo provides Digital Signature automation and end-to-end traceability of each document.

Tata are planning to implement Compleo Remote Agent, Layout and Supervisor located centrally for digitally signing documents with USB Dongle. Compleo will start by managing 50,000 invoices per month for 5 major plants totalling 50+ Remote Agents. Eventually the remote agent is expected to be extended to 200+ workstations.

Thames Water (UK), UK’s largest water and wastewater services company is using Compleo to automatically issue and pop SAP documents on 500 users workstations, store them in a dedicated Archiving storage array, outside SAP, and send back a link of the documents into SAP.

To find out more about the innovative uses of Compleo from Symtrax and their use cases register for their webinar on April 13th using this link.

skrevet av Martin Brownsword on 5.04.2018 15:50
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