Hackathon with judges and mentors from:

Ørsted    Siemens  Vattenfall  
Equinor    SAP    

Case on Digital Twin and IoT for Wind Power.


Nordic Top Universities

Hackathon Digital Twin

The Internet of Things (IoT) is considered to be one of the 10 most significant future technologies that will change business and society. In particular, in renewable energy, modern technology plays the leading role, both in terms of developing new innovative ideas and how we can manage our existing facilities better and less resource-intensively. And that's exactly what all players in the energy industry are calling for today. What comes closer to achieving this than bringing academic, industry and IT experts together to speed up innovations?

SAP and the Norwegian SAP user group SBN, together with a number of large players within the Wind Power business are therefore organizing a 24-hour hackathon for engineering and IT students from some of the top universities in Scandinavia, starting on Friday, the 21st of September, with the goal of turning real-time IoT data collected from wind power plant, into smart and innovative digital twin concepts, solutions and services that would bring value to the wind power industry by leveraging SAP cloud technologies.

Wind Power experts from our partners Siemens, Equinor, Vattenfall, Ørsted will join our judge panel along with representatives from SAP and Accenture our Nordic Sponsor.
Student mentorship will be available in the different universities at Aalborg, Chalmers, KTH, NTNU, and UiO, with academic, consulting, technology and industry support provided to students to guide them and help them succeed in their mission.


List of (Nordic) Judges

Jesper Skov Gretlund (Copenhagen)
Senior Manager, Numerical Competence Centre, Wind Power
In 2012, Jesper Skov Gretlund joined Ørsted as a project manager with the responsibility of several major R&D projects. Furthermore, Jesper is active in establishing collaborations with external partners on technology and innovation.
In 2016, Jesper led the establishment of the Ørsted Numerical Competence Centre which has the mission of developing models, tools, and software within Ørsted and in turn, securing the technology leadership of the company in the offshore wind industry.
Jesper holds a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Aarhus and a degree in Finance from Copenhagen Business School. He has a background as a researcher and technology leader in several different fields such as materials science, optics, and accelerator physics.
 Jesper Skov Gretlund


Rune MyklebustRune Myklebust
Operation Manager, Norway

Educated as BSc Electrical Engineering and worked for 11 years in Siemens as development engineer, technical project manager and project manager in different divisions.
Employed for the last 1,5 years by Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy as operation manager with responsibility of our Norwegian wind farms.

Siemens Gamesa


Mattias Karlsson Mattias Karlsson
Business Information Officer (BIO),
BU Onshore Wind Development and BU Offshore Wind Development



Nenad KesericNenad Keseric
Plant Manager Hywind demo- world first floating wind turbine
Board member at Marine Energy Test Centre

In 2008, Nenad Keseric joined Equnior as operations manager of the ArcticWind-world’s most northern windpark and later of the first windpark connected to hydrogen on Utsira island.

In 2017, Nenad led the establishment of the New Energy Solutions Digital Data Platform making all renewable data into data lakes available develop ML analysis, applications and visualizations aiming at extracting additional business benefit from offshore wind and solar assets. He works within data driven operations and is responsible for the digital roadmap for O&M.

Nenad holds a Ms in electrical engineering and PhD in energy economics from the University of Vienna, Austria. Prior to Equinor he has been with the Austrian Verbund and the European major renewable power producer Statkraft.


Øyvind RønneØyvind Rønne
Leading Advisor Software Development
Øyvind is Leading Advisor for software development in Equinor, with a special focus on APIs, architecture and cloud platforms. He has worked in the business of software development for more than 15 years, as a software developer, team lead and line manager. Øyvind has been with Equinor since 2009, working with a number of projects within the marketing, drilling & well and renewable business areas. For the last 3 years Øyvind has worked with software innovation projects for the R&T department.


Knut Sebastian TunglandKnut Sebastian Tungland
Senior Advisor Information Technology


Troels Fleckenstein

Troels Fleckenstein
Vice President, Global IT

Responsible for IT to sales and marketing, product development, PLM, production, Supply Chain and service at Vestas Wind Systems.

Specialties: Business and IT development and reengineering. Field of expertise covers people management, business transformation, IT architecture and management

Motto: Get measured get done



david egebjerg colganDavid Egebjerg Colgan
Managing Director
SAP Business Group Lead, Nordics

Accenture Hackathon Renewable Energy SAP

Stefano HolguinStefano Holguin

Country General Manager SAP Norway



The role of the judges is on Saturday 11:40 - 15:00 listen to student presentations and vote for the best. 
See criteria on this page.

 By location:
Aalborg University - Denmark
Room: fib 14 (Smart lab).
      Denmark - Copenhagen  

Lasse Hartvig Hirsch, Mentor

Digitalisation Manager
Wind Power IT, Finance & IT
Lasse Hartvig Hirsch

Lars Hvam Petersen, Mentor
Senior ABAP Consultant, INVIXO Consulting
SAP Mentor, see link 


Lars Hvam Petersen

Mark Jaxion, Mentor

Lead of IoT and Industry 4.0 
Mark Jaxion
Helena Kruger, Mentor
Presales Cloud Platform Associate,
SAP Denmark A/S


Helena Charlotte Lyn Krüger

Morten Wichmann, Mentor

Management Consultant, Resources

Morten Wichman 
Anna Hansen,
Student Assistant, Presales
SAP Denmark A/S
Anna Hansen

Mads Cift, Mentor

Business&Integration Arch Manager, SAP

Mads Cift



Abhijeet Dadarkar, Mentor 
Business&Integration Arch Manager, SAP

Abhijeet Dadarkar


Jonn Tholstrup Bendtsen, Mentor
Business Process Architect
SAP Danmark A/S
+45 29 23 33 63


John Tholstrup Bendtsen



Hans Kristian Moslund

Presales Manager
SAP Denmark A/S


Eva-Maria Fahrer,
Nordic event responsible

Eva-Maria Fahrer        

Charles Møller
Aalborg University
Prof.Department of Materials and Production
+45 9940 7101

Charles Møller 
Cathrine Kjær

Location and technology responsible
Cathrine Kjær
Norway - Oslo       NTNU/MTP - Norway - Trondheim
Richard Birkelands veg 2B
Kjent som Perleporten ( en del byggeaktivitet) 

Joseph Rouhan, Mentor
Nordics Industry Lead for Energy and Natural Resources, SAP

 Joseph Rouhana


Kay-Arne S. Aarlie, Mentor

Kay-Arne Aarlie
Elisa Pipiko, 
Meeting technology,
Prof. meeting organiser and SBN-Adfahrer
Elisa Pipiko
Ada Hoel

Meeting technology
Student and SBN-Adfahrer

Ada Hoel 

Martin Brownsword, 
Location responsible

Martin Brownsword
Morten Moa, 
Location responsible
NTNU and SBN-Adfahrer
+47 99022110
Morten Moa

David Cameron,
University of Oslo
Sirius Centre for Research-based Innovation 

David Cameron 
Terje Rølvåg, 
NTNU Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet, Professor
+47 40065114

Terje Rølvåg 
Sweden - Gothenburg        Sweden - Stockholm  

Ulf Liljensten, Mentor
CTO Biswise AB 

Ulf Liljesten
Lennart Rinnbäck,
Pensionerad Civilingenjör, KTH E-77.


Lennart Rinnbäck

Babu Shekhar, Mentor

Babu Shekar
Ruben Behaeghe, Mentor


Ruben Behaeghe

Vincent Wong

Meeting technology
Student and SBN-Adfahrer
Eva-Maria Fahrer,
Nordic event responsible
Eva-Maria Fahrer
Joakim Löves,
Nordic technology responsible

Joakim Löves 


Elad Schiller,
Chalmers University of Technology


Elad Schiller

Björn Thuresson,

KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Senior Researcher


Björn Thuresson KTH

Role description Mentor:
Make his/her students the winners.

This is done by supporting the students in his/her location. The mentors circulate between the three teams and try to give them they same amount of support.
The mentors are asked to join the case information sessions upfront to understand the wind-buiness and the new opportunities given by the digital twin. Mentors are also welcome to join the training in tools if they like.
Friday 10:00 - 15:30 and Saturday 11:00-14:30 is mandatory.
Friday 15:30-19:00 + Saturday 9:00-15:30 It is much appreciated by the students if you can mentor this long.

Role description
Location responsible:


Role description
Meeting technology responsible:


Join our learning and training session

Be on site 9:30 to make sure the room is ready and there is coffee etc. as the students and mentors arrive 10:30

Join the opening session, present yourself and make sure the mentors and other staff not being students present themselves around 11:20

Support the students by team-picture. The students should hold the sign with their team number in front of them on the picture. Do not forget to dress the students in the T-shirts.

Support in servings of food and drinks.

Plan and lead a nice Brain Energising Exercises. It could be as easy as standing up and jumping for 10 seconds. Exercises will be topic in training&learning session.

You can leave after the Exercise (15:30/16:00)

Be on site 8:30 on Saturday.

Support to ensure teams are sending their presentations not alter than 11:55

13:30-14:10 Remind the mentors to elect the best local team and e-mail their vore to info(at)sbn.no and em(at)sbn.no

Suport in lunch serving.

14:15 Lead the price ceremony

Help and make sure there are pictures made of the wining team(s) and a big group picture where you yourself also is in picture with everyone in the room.

You can leave at latest 15:30


Join a 1 hour test and training session

Be on site 9:30 on Friday to start and test. You bring your PC/MAC and load-speaker which plays sound from the PC/MAC. Connect your PC/MAC to the big screen in the room.

11:00 Your PC/MAC will be broadcasting and the sound will go through your load-speaker or if there is a system in the room, this sound system.

11:20 you make pictures with your Camera/Phone. Send the Group Pictures as soon as possible to info(at)sbn.no or SMS to ...

17:50  Your PC/MAC will be broadcasting.

During the day we need your help to fetch and serve food and throw away the rest afterwards.
You can leave at latest 19:00

Be on site 8:30 on Saturday.

9:00+11:30-15:00 Your PC/MAC will be broadcasting

14:15 you make pictures of winning teams and one picture of all attendants. Send the Pictures as soon as possible to info(at)sbn.no or SMS to ...

During the day we need your help to fetch and serve food and throw away the rest afterwards.
You can leave at latest 15:30


Aalborg universitet  
Ørsted   Universitetet i Oslo


Sponsored by:    

Accenture Hackathon Renewable Energy SAP









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Articles from our visits at the Universities

Aalborg University - Read the report from the preparation visit

Chalmers University of Technology - Read the report from the preparation visit

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Articles based on press-releases from SAP

SAP in innovation cooperation with the University of Oslo
SAP involves Danish students in future technology

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