Are you planning to change your business processes based on the options found in new technology?

Would you like to exchange ideas and discuss cross-company with people in other companies?

Reserve the 13th of June, where we plan to go to the Copenhagen Experience centre. The travel is organised by the Nordic user groups, which means you will get the possibillity to talk to and learn from Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish company representatives in Copenhagen.

Off course there will be experts from SAP and lot's of interesting real-life cases.

We will meet the Head of SAP Experience Center Copenhagen Thomas Madsen.
The #SAPExperienceCenterCPH can take 60+ guests at the same time.  

There are 2 racing bikes which are connected. If you like to take part in in a Bike Race, please tell us on before hand. Maybe we can arrange a Country-competition? 


If you like to go -

What would you like to learn more about?

We got these questions in the survey as example and we look forward to get answers:

  • Is S4 HANA ready for heavy logistic processes?
  • I would love to see a thought-through presentation of how Ariba and SRM in ECC, including contract management etc, is suppose to work together in a business-oriented process.
  • I really would like to see the functionality available in the new SAP version
  • Within the games, they use psychologist to make us want to play, does SAP use them for their GUI?

Are you interested and would like to block a seat or have a question?
Send an e-mail to or call +46 (0) 70 569 78 08

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