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"Work Together, Succeed Together"

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Extract selected by EM Fahrer:

In recent blog-posts, I (Berndt Leukert) have often touched on topics such as the importance of partnerships, platforms, and the power of ecosystems.

Success in all of these areas requires much closer collaboration between stakeholders than ever before: Openness – be it exposing your APIs, opening your platform, or sharing the risks of a new venture – is key.

But there is another crucial connection that cannot be underestimated – the importance of the relationship between the company and a key element of its ecosystems: user groups.

The advantages of strong customer relationships are obvious. The software solutions to support companies in their quest to manage and maintain these relationships to the highest standards have been around for many decades.

Against the backdrop of the digital age, closeness to the customer and a second-to-none level of customer service are more important than ever before: Customers expect the best experiences both online and offline, rapid responses to their queries and complaints, and personalized products. Listening to and understanding their points of view are therefore absolutely essential.


It is an era of new possibilities! There is a human side of digital transformation. SAP, like all its customers, is facing enormous changes in the workplace.

I firmly believe digitalization doesn’t destroy jobs,
but job profiles are changing and there is without doubt a shift in skills.

New technologies, data analytics, and social media impact the way we communicate, collaborate, and work.

Continuous learning and training becomes more important than ever: Regardless of an organization’s industry, it has to be prepared for new behaviors, competencies, and roles with significantly different skill set requirements.

In recent years, we’ve seen the creation of a number of new jobs in areas like data science and we can expect to see many more brand new roles in – as yet – completely unexpected areas. We are exploring what this means for both leaders and employees, and we are sharing our findings and working with the user groups to better understand what the Future of Work means for our businesses.


User groups are obviously the ideal basis for peer-to-peer support.

The great work they do is evident in the significant impact they have had and continue to have on influencing technologies, products, and strategy.

We are now in addition seeing the relationship between user groups and technology providers – just like our collaboration with customers is intensifying and our ecosystems are tightening – deepen and expand into new areas.

Teaming puts us in the best possible position to deal with the complex –
and in most cases shared – challenges we’re facing.

Working together enables us to succeed together.Berndt Leukert SAP DSAG


User Groups are important.

With over 4,500 attendees, DSAGs conference is one of the world’s largest gatherings of SAP users. DSAG and SAP have celebrated 20 years of constructive and successful collaboration. 

This year DSAGs conference was running under the slogan “Between Two Worlds – ERP and Digital Platforms,” the congress provided many opportunities to explore fit-for-the-future business models with hybrid architectures and flexible strategies for the digital age.

They presented this year’s member survey. A survey which as always provides some important findings. This year 70 percent of respondents gave SAP S/4HANA a high to very high degree of relevance for digital transformation, while more than half saw the SAP Business Suite as another option for future digital projects.

If we Work Together, er will Succeed Together

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