Fujitsu have decided to be a platinum sponsor,
at this year’s SBN Conference
on October 24th and 25th at Alna in Oslo.

Last year’s SBN Conference was the kick off, of Fujitsu’s strategy and plan for increasing their share of the Norwegian SAP market. The presentation they made last year on IOT scenarios was extremely well received and led to five serious customer leads that they are still working on.

In a conversation with Geir Ulvik, Fujitsu’s Head of Scandinavian Sales, it became clear that this year Fujitsu are back, bigger and better prepared so look out for some excellent presentations on S/4 HANA customer strategy and implementation experience sharing, the latest approaches in biometric security options for SAP and to protect GDPR data and digital co-creation in big data and IOT projects.

Fujitsu are putting great focus on the Norwegian SAP market and have decided on a targeted approach for connecting with new customers and will be focusing on the areas of high availability, easy to implement and maintain platforms for SAP (mainly HANA based) and service provision for running and maintaining customer systems.

Fujitsu will be concentrating heavily on the manufacturing sector while focusing primarily on large Norwegian customers. Currently, Fujitsu have several major projects running in shipping and industry with the emphasis on co-innovation, machine learning, IOT, SAP and the cloud.

Please take the time to join Fujitsu and the SBN at this year’s conference and if you haven’t registered yet please use the following link to ensure that you don’t miss out:


  Geir & Martin
Geir Ulvik, Fujitsu & Martin Brownsword, SBN

Geir & EM
Geir Ulvik, Fujitsu & EM Fahrer, SBN

skrevet av Eva-Maria Fahrer, Martin Brownsword on 4.10.2017 14:03
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