“Digital KPIs will become your enterprise compass,
built into the performance objectives
of every leader in the organization.


These digital KPIs must measure leading, not lagging, indicators,”

Said by Mr. Peter Sondergaard, executive vice president and member of Gartner's operating committee.
Peter Sondergaard leads the company's Research & Advisory organization, which addresses the mission-critical priorities of the CEO and every functional leader in the enterprise. Mr. Sondergaard's organization, including 2,500 research analysts and advisors with deep expertise in IT, Marketing, Supply Chain, HR, Finance, Sales and Legal, serves clients in more than 11,000 enterprises in 90 countries worldwide. 

SAP ideas to make the core more itelligent

Peter Sondergaard explains in an article in businesswire:


"To understand best in class practices,
it’s important to develop enterprise-wide digital key performance indicators (KPIs).

“Digital KPIs will become your enterprise compass, built into the performance objectives of every leader in the organization. These digital KPIs must measure leading, not lagging, indicators,” Mr. Sondergaard said.

“The large ecosystem players measure themselves by the number of registered partners in their ecosystem. You might measure how many ecosystems you participate in, and the conversion rates in each. Digital allows for deeper, outcome-driven measures, and they apply to all industries.”

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning

The new breed of CEO believes their companies must use technology to gain a competitive advantage. Gartner data shows that two-thirds of all business leaders believe that their companies must pick up the pace of digitalization to remain competitive.

“That puts CIOs in the spotlight. They play a part in the digital transformation,” Mr. Sondergaard said. “But it does not mean the exact same thing to every CIO.

To meet the digital challenge, you must understand both what will be expected of you, and what you truly aspire to be.”

Within the enterprise, on any given day, and with any given partner, the leadership the CIO provides may vary. There are three situational roles for the CIO that include: a partner CIO; a builder CIO; or a pioneer CIO.

  • The IT Partner CIO is expected to operate in a more transactional way, with a focus on managing services, core IT, value for money, while also preparing for digital.
  • The Digital Builder CIO is designing and enabling new products and services, and working with others across the enterprise.
  • The Digital Pioneer CIO is acting an entrepreneur, leveraging technologies to build new capabilities, new business models, and new revenue streams to achieve digital value and scale.

“The digital value may be either optimization – just efficiency – or full transformation in the form of growth. It is best used to invent something entirely new,” Mr. Sondergaard said. “This is critical because if your organization is not creating new digital business models, or new ways to engage constituents or customers, you are falling behind.”

Mr. Sondergaard pointed out that scale does not merely mean getting bigger. The largest organizations are not the only ones that will win. In the emerging world of interconnected platforms and ecosystems, smaller organizations can very rapidly compete with the largest.

Gartner anticipates three high demand skills for 2018 and beyond, 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Digital Security
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

“We believe that AI will be critical to solving both digital security and IoT challenges,
Mr. Sondergaard said. “It will be an essential defense, creating a continuously adaptive risk and trust response. So, prioritize your investment in AI, beginning at the top with AI capable leaders.”

Many enterprises will not be able to hire the people necessary in AI and security to drive digital transformation. There is a shortage of qualified candidates in these fields. CIOs will need to partner with their human resources organization to find a solution, and that will include leveraging AI. Read the full story on this link


Take advantage of the "ready-to-go" AI functionality from SAP.

SAP Leonardo predictive analysis


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Klaus Schimmer Director Business Development Machine Learning at SAP SEThere is cloud ad-on functionality to on premise systems available as well as extensive functionality in the new S/4HANA Core Enterprise system is explained by our workshop leader Mr Klaus Schimmer, Director Business Development Machine Learning at SAP SE


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