SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) enables you to manage data volumes and compliance with legal and regulatory mandates at the same time. It helps you apply retention times and destroy data after the expiration date is reached.

The SAP (ILM) can help streamline your IT infrastructure by decommissioning legacy systems and automating data retention according to rules you define minimizing risk with control over your data.

  • Archive obsolete data to enhance performance – and reduce database size and administration costs
  • Support data retention rules by creating separate archives based on varying data lifetimes
  • Reduce IT management costs by consolidating systems and decommissioning legacy systems
  • Preserve compliance auditing and reporting capabilities for decommissioned systems
  • Reduce the cost and risk of legal discovery by automating data collection for legal cases

SAP NetWeaver Information Lifecycle Management (SAP NetWeaver ILM) enhances the SAP standard delivery with the ability to manage the lifecycle of live and archived data based on rules. SAP NetWeaver ILM uses the ILM-specific, enhanced functions of data archiving.

Typical Features
  • Storage of archived data on an ILM-certified WebDAV server (to guarantee non-changeability of the data and to protect it from premature destruction)
  • Lifecycle Management of data with the following Retention Management functions:
    • Definition of ILM rules (for example, retention rules) for mapping legal requirements and their application to live and archived data.
    • Putting legal holds on data that is relevant for legal cases in order to prevent destruction.
    • Destroying data while taking legal requirements and legal holds into account.
SAP NetWeaver ILM in the Live Application System

With the Retention Management functions of SAP NetWeaver ILM, you can optimize the data volume of live application systems by moving data that is no longer needed for operations. You can then destroy live or stored data according to the legal requirements. The following illustration shows the typical Retention Management functions that are based on ILM-enhanced data archiving functions.


SAP NetWeaver Information Lifecycle Management is a component that requires the acquisition of a license. Once you receive this license you need to activate it using the Switch Framework (transaction SFW5). The minimum prerequisite is the installation of SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Enhancement Package 1. – License terms and agreements have to be check by company


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