In 2018 we became a bit more than 350

We ended up being in total a bit more than 350, same number of participants as last year. Around 150 people created the SBN Conference together and I’m very proud of the amount of knowledge which is shared and the interesting discussions this sharing enables.

Martin, Didrik, Bernt, Andries and I have, together with members and exhibitors representing the interest area of the tracks, created a wish list of topic and in cooperation they search for the best presentations to full-fill these wishes. It’s a little bit like Christmas evening but the gifts are answers based on selected experience. The presentations which in this case represent the gifts on the wish-list are wrapped in short descriptions and are stacked under the Christmas tree/SBN Conference Schedule. We do our best to get a clear presentation description. We do quality assurance of each presentation to make sure the quality is high whatever presentation our participants choose.


Participants picked presentations from the wide selection. All tracks had a good number of participants which was also confirmed by the heat-maps created by Accenture based on the sensors we had the option of attaching to the name-tag. The heat-maps showed where we were walking and staying. Accenture will publish and explain a bit more about the heat-maps later.

I’m impressed by how devoted and disciplined everyone is. More than 110 people were on the right location at the right time to give their presentation. The people who were there to listen to their presentation was there as well … it seems so natural as everything does which is well prepared. Here I can mention Cathrine and Joakim, both doing a fantastic job to make sure 350 people are where they are supposed to be at the time-spot.

The SBN Conference strategy is to start in the details and work ourselves towards the future and the visions of the future to come. The goal is that we should all leave with a joyful feeling, energy and the wish to try new ideas. The first keynote speaker showed colourful slides from games, heat-maps and automation which inspired. Our second speaker representing the largest company in the region, stated you need the people, also your colleagues need to be on the track to the future otherwise you are lost.

The keynote presentations summarised the conference in a very nice way and to emphasis the message of the future. In addition 4 students made a short presentation and two 12 year old boys challenged our keynote speakers with questions. After two days focusing on SAP it was refreshing to hear the boys didn't know what it was. It was very obvious Artificial intelligence was well known to the boys (from their games) and will be an important component in SAP and other softwares in the future.

SBN Conference

The picture is from the Conference closing moment where the we together say, "-Thank You" to our participants and Wish welcome back next year. In picture, all in picture above Joakim, Johan, Eigil, Bente, Eva-Maria, Inger Randi, Didrik, Martin, Cathrine, Kolbjørn, Hans, Thor, Bernt. Read more about SBN here.

SBN Conference Chart

The SBN Conference
is created by SAP Customers
for SAP Customers. 



More Statistics and the Survey result can be found in an article written by Cathrine

Presentations have been uploaded for download by Joakim and are found here. 

350 people, see list of participants here



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