Karin Ejstrup

Dudley Cartwright

Another approach to GRC

The threats of economic crime and the consequence of data leaks are a real concern for all organizations, regardless of their size, sector or region. However, the cost and complexity of GRC tools is often a challenge.
With an aim to get our customers to view GRC not as a burden, but as a real benefit, we have developed a number of niche GRC tools. Brought to you by our team of expert consultants situated around the world, we specialise in demystifying, uncomplicating and expediting the GRC process. The presentation will include examples from customer cases. 
With well over a decade of SAP Authorization experience, the presenters Dudley Cartwright’s strong technical understanding combined with his sharp business knowledge has allowed him to implement security solutions of the highest quality for companies all around the world. Dudley has a passion for implementing “fit-for-purpose” value-added solutions. Dudley will be supported by Karin Ejstrup from EPI-USE Labs in presenting this topic.



Karin Ejstrup - Business Development Manager, EPI-USE Labs Limited, Dudley Cartwright - CEO at Soterion Technologies, Soterion

Room: Mix of topics 1

15.10.2018 16:20 - 17:00

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