Nicholas O´Malley

Kristoffer Engh

How to use SAP as a platform to integrate all phases in the fish value chain  with the strength of blockchain?

Within year 2050, there will be a six fold increase in the economic turnover for the marine industries.

This means that export of fish will pass oil and become Norway's largest export product.

To make sure the industry can handle a 600 % growth, Skye has developed a Fish Industry solution specialized for the farming industry on top of SAP.

Traceability is an important part of the solution. Learn more how Skye are using SAP Best Practice together with Blockchain to support a secure integration of data connecting all the pieces together.

Nicholas O´Malley - Blockchain expert, EY Skye AS, Kristoffer Engh - Senior Technology Advisor, EY Skye AS

Room: Logistics

15.10.2018 16:20 - 17:00

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