Chanakya Sharma

Janis Petersons

Disrupting Your Business with IoT in Logistics

IoT is one of the fastest growing technology innovation topics in the world now, as it allows for businesses to unlock new ways of optimising their processes in numerous different ways. In the session some of the most interesting real-world use cases developer by Accenture will be presented for container management & warehouse logistics. The 40 minutes will allow you to go through the possible journey for your business to unlock the possible disruptions of tomorrow and how to do so with using the Accenture Liquid Studio innovation network.

Chanakya Sharma - SAP Transformation and Innovation Lead, Accenture AS, Janis Petersons - Innovations Project Manager & SAP Cloud Platform, Technical Consultant, Accenture

Room: Logistics

15.10.2018 14:00 - 14:40
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