Digital strategy - Program Manager Digitalisation at Equinor

Stein Petter Aannerud

The Keynote is a reflection on how to succeed with digital transformation


Successful implementation of a digital strategy starts with confronting three key questions:

  • where is my industry headed?
  • what will my company’s role be in that future?
  • how can I create a path forward that balances a sense of direction with the ability to adapt along the way?


Listen to Stein Petter Aannerud, Program Manager Digitalisation at Equinor reflection on Equinor’s digital journey so far.   

Presented by Stein Petter Aannerud, 
Program Manager Digitalisation at Equinor





Room: Main hall

16.10.2018 14:15 - 14:55
Sverige (Hovedkontor)

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