SAP Variant Configuration solutions provide an efficient set of enhanced capabilities to define, develop, sell, manufacture, deliver, and service individualized products serving the “Segment of One”.

Within this update, we will explain how we are addressing the different needs of the involved lines of businesses and roles within the digital configuration lifecycle and show our overall solution approach in the broader area of variant configuration. We will provide an overview of SAP S/4HANA for advanced variant configuration on how the solution can improve sales, product management and product engineering processes. Besides showing highlights of the newest developments, we will explain the roadmap and planned enhancements.


Johann Dornbach

Speaker: Johann Dornbach

Location and Time

Learn and discuss in our web meeting, 09:00 - 10:00


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Number of participants: 9

Person Company
Mia Anderssen ABB AS
Howard Benbow Aker Solutions
Dag Kr. Larsen Aker Solutions
Erik Hoven Cognizant
Anders Fagerjord Elkjøp Nordic AS
Vineeth Varghese Matiq
Johann Dornbach SAP SE
Bernt Bakken SBN - Adfahrer Norway
Marte Asphaug Solbjørg TechnipFMC
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