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Getting and incorporating feedback from industrial customers and incorporating their feedback into the development of new products is critical for continuous success. S/4HANA Cloud for intelligent product design helps customers to structure product requirements, work on an engineering model and integrating it downstream into the product structure. In parallel requirements as well as structured and unstructured product data can be shared in a collaboration environment with internal and external participants embedded into a workflow / task management.


Carsten Dietze-Selent, SAP SE

Location and Time

Learn and discuss in our web meeting, 09:00 - 10:00


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Number of participants: 12

Person Company
Erik Mastrup ABB AS
Thomas Johansson Borregaard
Stian Enger Cognizant
Nguyen Dao Tran Cognizant
Anders Fagerjord Elkjøp Nordic AS
Nikhil Kulkarni Itelligence
Vineeth Varghese Matiq
Carsten Dietze-Selent SAP SE
Annabelle Roux SAP Tackle
Bernt Bakken SBN - Adfahrer Norway
Eva-Maria Fahrer SBN-Adfahrer AB
Tor Einar Rykkelid TechnipFMC
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