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Getting your ERP system ready for GDPR

GPDR - how to get compliant by using functionality already within the SAP-system. Is your organization GDPR-ready? From May 25th, EU's new personal data protection regulation applies to all organizations treating personal data of EU/EEA citizens. The main purpose of the regulation is to give more rights to natural persons (data subjects), concerning their own personal information. The responsibility to keep data safe and protected, is moved to the organization rather than the data subject. An organization shall only keep personal data if there is a purpose and a legal basis. Upon request, and if other laws allow it, the data subject has the right to be forgotten.

Pearl Consulting's GDPR Cockpit is a simple tool designed to help meet the person's right to be forgotten. It is designed to treat business partners, customers, vendors and employees. The tool identifies all personal data kept in the SAP system. It can then make an assessment whether or not it is feasible to anonymize the data. If the system allows it, the Cockpit can perform a thorough anonymization of the personal data, ensuring that GDPR-requirements are met. This includes notifying any 3rd party actors, and making sure the anonymization process cannot be traced back to its original content. The Cockpit is also a handy tool in anonymizing test data, to make sure that personal data is limited, as required by GDPR. And the best of all, it does not cost too much to implement!“


  1. Introduction – SBN
  2. Aspects of GDPR from an Customer Sales Perspective – Pearl Norway
  3. Pearl Consulting’s system solution for GDPR is a tool to implement the regulation into an existing SAP system, called a GDPR Cockpit. The GDPR Cockpit aims to provide the customer with a comprehensive way of searching for customers and deciding on a way to further process the customer information - Pearl Norway
  4. Demo – Pearl Norway
  5. Q&A

Pearl Consulting’s system solution for GDPR is a tool to implement the regulation into an existing SAP system, called a GDPR Cockpit. The GDPR Cockpit aims to provide the customer with a comprehensive way of searching for customers and deciding on a way to further process the customer information.

  1. Open Check for Partner
    From the GDPR Cockpit, the user can easily search for one single partner or an interval of partners, choose to anonymize, delete, evaluate or identify third-party partner. The result from the selected partners can then be simulated in order to further review which process will be implemented for the various customers.

  2. Anonymity and Deletion
    From the simulation, an intuitive traffic light solution is implemented showing if the partner is ready to be deleted or anonymized. Whether the partner is ready for anonymization, deletion or neither of the following, is affected by open orders, deliveries or travel accounts for the partners. If the simulation is approved, the run will be processed and the partners will be anonymized. The anonymization run in the GDPR Cockpit makes sure to remove all the identifying information throughout the system. This includes the master data, partner orders, deliveries and invoice addresses, making sure to completely anonymize the privacy information across the organization. When the partner is anonymized, the system replaces the sensitive information with non-traceable information, leaving only the ZIP-code of the partner.

  3. Third-Party Request
    Pearl Consulting’s GDPR Cockpit provides our customers with a solution for third-party notification in line with the regulations. This can easily be turned on by checking of the “3rd party” switch in the GDPR Cockpit start screen. Implementation of this solution will take a senior consultant approximately 16 hours.

  4. Access Control and Archiving
    In order to utilize the GDPR Cockpit functions optimally, maintenance of systems regarding access control and archiving is recommended. In the new regulations, it is crucial to assure that users without authorization cannot view sensitive privacy information. Therefore, it is important to review the access control in order to assign correct roles for the user’s authorization. Additionally, standard SAP archiving must be implemented in order to assure that the GDPR Cockpit anonymization run is optimal.


The GDPR Cockpit is a new functionality in the SAP system. Consequently, it Is essential for us to guide your organization on how to use this new functionality in the most beneficial way. Pearl Consulting will assist your organization with workshops in order to make sure you are ready to use the GDPR Cockpit after implementation.
Through the GDPR Cockpit Pearl Consulting help your organization to adapt and design your current SAP system to fit the new regulations; embracing partner privacy in a comprehensive and cost-efficient way.

Speakers: Elin Sterner, Mikal Nielsen and Ivar Mølnvik

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