SAP Hackathon

Background: the rise of Digital Twins

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Digital Twins are on the rise. Gartner has named Digital Twins as one of the top ten strategic technology trends. Gartner expects 21 billion IoT endpoints by 2020, and a 35% annual growth rate in years to come. Industry and society at large are eager to adopt new innovative solutions that will deliver insight and understanding providing real and tangible value to end users.

The real challenge, how to embrace the new opportunities - this lies ahead of us.

Join in to this Hackathon!

  • Compete against teams from Nordic universities in 5 locations
  • During 24h, your team will design, build and launch ideas that enable new insight, understanding and decision support related to the operations of large-scale industrial assets and your intellectual property belongs to you.
  • You will learn and gain experience of a state-of-the-art cloud-based development platform from SAP

The Case - A data set from the wind power industry

  • Description and 3D model data for a specific wind turbine installation including data from a running instance of a digital twin. 

SAP Cloud Platform

  • You will receive a package containing easily accessible educational material, including tutorials and videos. The SAP products and technologies to be used are:,  SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit.
  • Outlines, Mock-ups and re-use of Existing components are accepted as end result.
    Business idea's on usage of a Digital Twin technology is central for the judgment of the result. 


The Award

  • A Diploma for your CV signed by: 
    Adam Dudits, Director University Engagements SAP,
    EM Fahrer, CEO SBN-Adfahrer and your University contact and Mentor. Will be given to all participating students.

  • --> The Prize Money for the best overall Hackathon solution is 10.000SEK/NOK/DKK (Local Currency)
    --> In addition, the team with the Hackathon idea which has the best:
    1. Originality and creativity will be rewarded with 1000SEK/NOK/DKK
    2. Potential business value, both short term and long term 1000SEK/NOK/DKK
    3. Technological quality, with focus on new and emerging developments 1000SEK/NOK/DKK

  • The judgement of the Hackathon-result will be based on a document and a short in person presentation.
    The judges from SAP, academia and professional industry experts will be listening to the presentations and vote for their favorit. Full Hackathon description on this link.

Who can participate?

  • BSc or MSc students, typically in engineering/ICT subjects, but also other study tracks are relevant as team members. Teams can have 3-6 members.

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Sponsor judges:

Accenture  SAP  Ørsted

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Contact persons

Organizer: EM Fahrer | +46 70 5697808, em[at]

Aalborg University
Contact: Charles Møller, M.Sc.EE., Ph.D. | Charles[at] | +45 9940 7101
Adress: Aalborg University | Fibigerstræde 16 | 9220 Aalborg | Denmark
Read the report from the preparation visit

Chalmers University of Technology

Contact: Elad Schiller, Docent | elad.schiller[at] | +46-31-772 1052
Adress: Chalmers University of Technology | Rännvägen 6B (Room No 5110A) | S-412 96 Göteborg | Sweden
Read the report from the preparation visit

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 
Contact: Björn Thuresson, Senior Researcher | thure[at] | +46 704-460164
Adress: Visualiseringsstudion VIC | Lindstedtsvägen 5 | 114 28 Stockholm | Sweden
Read the report from the preparation visit

NTNU (University Trondheim)
 Terje Rølvåg, Professor | terje.rolvag[at] | +47 40065114
Adress: NTNU | NO-7491 Trondheim | Norway

University of Oslo, SIRIUS organisation, 
Contact: Dr. David B. Cameron, Centre Coordinator | davidbc[at] | + 47 48084637
Adress: University of Oslo | Problemveien 7 | 0315 Oslo | Norge

SAP University Engagements, Adam Dudits | adam.dudits[at]
SAP Cloud Software, Dietmar Steinbichler | dietmar.steinbichler[at]
SAP Oil&Gas, Joseph Rouhana | joseph.rouhana[at]

Oslo, Martin Brownsword, IT/CIO customer contacts | mb[at] | +47 91711593
Trondheim, Bernt Bakken, Oil&Gas, | bb[at] | +47 48034248
Aalborg, Cathrine Kjær, | ck[at] | +45 51295638
Stockholm, Joakim Löves, Meeting Technology, | jl[at] | +46 70 667 65 68
Gothenburg, EM Fahrer | em[at] | +46 70 569 78 08

Location and Time

16 mar 11:00 - 17 mar 14:00


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