DT: Demystify the Cloud and Innovate on Demand - Accelerating your Digital Transformation with SAP Cloud Platform

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Abstract: Today more than ever, enterprises need agility to keep pace with the business. SAP is an industry leader in enterprise understanding and knows how to make cloud technology work for the enterprise. Join ASUGin welcoming Colleen Speer, Senior Vice President SAP Cloud Platformfor North Americaas she simplifies the cloud and thestrategicrole the SAP Cloud Platform playsin bringing technology to the forefront to addressthebusiness challenges and opportunities of today in new and non-disruptive ways.

Learn how to benefit from SAP Cloud Platform and SAP®Leonardo and why an open platform is such a game changer.

-Understand the strategic role SAP Cloud Platform plays across SAP and non-SAP landscapes, allowing you to respond quickly to the needs of the organization with an agile cloud development platform.

- Uncover new business opportunities, better engage employees, focus on a new digital user experience, and engage in agile innovation leveraging one open platform with the SAP Cloud Platform.

- Leverage bimodal IT to extend solution capabilities, integrate diverse solutions, build new applications, and develop agile innovations fast with minimal disruptions with one end to end platform

- Build enterprise-ready cloud apps or extend existing application capabilities for an optimized organization equipped to stay ahead in the digital economy.


Colleen SpeerSenior Vice President, SAP Cloud PlatformNorth America


Paul Kurchina, ASUG

Location and Time

Webcast, 16:00 - 17:00


Logistikk, SAP kurs, Prosjektledelse, IT og HANA


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