Every week we meet for one hour to discuss different areas of the SAP Product Landscape.
This Friday the focus is on the complete SAP Product Landscape.

Overview of SAP Part 1

Overview of SAPs abbreviations and the solutions SAP has purchased the last years. 

Understand the SAP Eco-system - listen to this presentation!

This presentation is also sometimes called SAP for Dummies, but its absolutely not for Dummies - This is a very nice introduction, you will learn a lot!  You need some basic understanding about what SAP does and is used for. We are very glad to be able to offer this presentation as its very well liked among our participants. Can be held in Swedish if this is OK for the audience. Questions can be in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian as well as English.


Erik Törnqvist -
Localization Product Manager at SAP Sweden, SAP Svenska AB

  Erik Törnqvist
 SAP Erik Törnqvist    

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Location and Time

Webcast, 09:00 - 10:00


SAP kurs, e-com, Hybris og CRM, Finans og BA, Logistikk, Prosjektledelse, IT og HANA, Vår kunnskapsdeling, HR og lønn


Number of participants: 22

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Brigitta Dwita Hendraswari -
Anette Solum ABB A/S
Jeanette Becsan ABB AS
Martin Brownsword Adfahrer AB
Christian Palm Bouvet
Berit Eide Bouvet AS
Johan Jaksland Elkjøp Nordic AS
Tor Arne Rømma Fujitsu
Marianne Høie Gassco AS
Marianne Kindsbækken Hydro Aluminium AS
Thomas Ertkjern IBM
Katri Ojala KPS AG
Inger Myren Norske Skogindustriaer ASA
Olav Nistad Orkla Foods Norge AS
Cathrine Kjær SBN - Adfahrer
Bernt Bakken SBN - Adfahrer Norway
Thea Cecilie Nilsen SBN - Adfahrer Norway
Espen Grimstvedt Statkraft AS
Marte Solbjørg TechnipFMC
Sonja Berg Telia Norge AS
Artur Latifov itelligence AS
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