Start Friday September 21th start 10:30

End Saturday September 22th end 14:30


Content of this document:

  1. Background
  2. Hackathon event description
  3. Team composition and competence
  4. Case description
  5. Educational SAP material
  6. The judges will consider the following:
  7. Format for delivery
  8. The Award
  9. The timeline - the Training
  10. The timeline - the Hackathon days
  11. Contact information
  12. Registration form 

1. Renewable Energy and the Digital Twin

This Hackathon is on Renewable Energy and the concept "Digital Twin".
The Digital Twin makes Internet of Things (IoT) on the rise.

Gartner has named Digital Twins as one of the top ten strategic technology trends.
Gartner expects 21 billion IoT endpoints by 2020, and a 35% annual growth rate in years to come.

The real challenge, how to embrace the new opportunities - this lies ahead of us.
Join in to this Hackathon as a Student or as a Mentor for a team of Students.

 Hackathon Digital Twin

Above you see the Digital Twin of a Wind Turbine

2. Description

  • This is a 24h Hackathon idea and application development competition in parallell in 5 Nordic universities
  • It's competitive - your team will compete against many other teams, located at Nordic universities
  • The teams will design, build and launch your idea on a cloud-based development platform from SAP
  • The ideas should enable new insight, understanding and decision support related to Renewable Energy.

3. Team composition and competence

  • BSc or MSc students, in engineering/ICT subjects, but also other study tracks are relevant as team members
  • Teams have 6 members.
  • There can be 3 teams at each university.
  • The team needs to have skills in software development and computer programming to be able to full-fill the case.
  • The team needs to have skills in software development and programming to be able to full-fill the case. However, knowledge about one or more of the following will be beneficial:
    • Knowledge on how to retrieve, process and work with large data sets
    • User interface design.
    • Engineering and structural analysis 
    • Data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence
    • Project management/team management
    • Economics and business process development
    • Innovation and creative design, communication
  • Register your name or a full team. We support in the team building process. Register-link https://goo.gl/V3kNFj

4. Case description

Hackathon data

Above you see the graphical representation of the time series of the Digital Twin and the Running Wind Turbine.

5. Educational material

  • You will receive a package containing easily accessible educational material relevant for the Hackathon event, including documentation, tutorials, videos, etc.
  • The following SAP technology will be given access to and learning material on:
  • https://www.build.me - web-based platform for designing enterprise apps, from simple sketches to interactive mock-ups. The tool includes an extensive gallery of configurable UI components and tools
  • SAP Analytics Cloud – develop solutions for business intelligence based on predictive analytics and machine learning technology
  • SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit – an open platform containing end-to-end services, capabilities and tools for software developers to build, extend and integrate applications. Supports many programming languages (java, javascript, python, c#, …) and web technologies.
  • SAP UI5 Framework & SAP Web IDE
  • File from SAP describing the digital twin
  • Interesting YouTube links https://youtu.be/ijUTTUmmLYs and  https://youtu.be/-KEqvds5aBs


6. The judges will prioritise Originality and Creativity and Business value

  • The judges will prioritise Originality and Creativity and the potential Business value of the idea
    Jesper Skov Gretlund
     Jesper Skov Gretlund
    Ørsted Hackathon Judge Renewable Energy
    before the technological aspects and the actual development performed.
  • The business idea's for the use of the Digital Twin technology is central for the judgment of the result.

  • Judges will participate remote, to ensure all locations are evaluated equal, independent of Face 2 Face contact.
  • Judges have 30 additional minutes and may come back and ask follow up questions. 
  • As soon as a judge has made up his/her mind he/she will vote.
  • The voting result will be followed real-time in your location (interactive voting tool).


7. Your presentation should contain the following 4 elements:

  1. Selfie picture of the development team
  2. Solution concept – what the solution is to be used for.
    (why and when should this solution be used)
  3. The target group for the solution. 
    (who will benefit from using it)
  4. The benefits of the solution to the target group
    (what will be saved by using this solution)


Hackathon - Hand showing Digital Twin

Visualisation of Digital Twin

8. The Award

The winning team will be highlighted at the SBN Conference 2018

  1. 10.000SEK/NOK/DKK (Local Currency) for the best overall Hackathon solution

    In addition, the Hackathon Team which is presenting the:
  2. 1000SEK/NOK/DKK - Best Originality and Creativity
  3. 1000SEK/NOK/DKK - Highest Potential Business Value
  4. 1000SEK/NOK/DKK - Best Technological Quality
  5.  The best team in each location - elected by the Mentors - will receive a gift.


Signed Diploma and LinkedIn Endorsement

  • Diplomas signed by the Judges, see link
  • The SAP Director University Engagement (Adam Dudits)
  • CEO, SBN-Adfahrer (EM Fahrer)
  • Your University contact person, see link
  • All participating students in teams presenting (and not disqualified) will recieve diploma.
  • LinkedIn Endorsement on skill "Renewable Energy" will be given by EM Fahrer



The official registration opened the 3 of September. 
Please be informed, by registration you sign this permission which enables us to use/publish 
the photos/videos taken during the Hackathon. Your registration is binding. We expect you to be there.
Don't forget, you are taking a seat someone else could have had, when you register.

9. Timeline - Training

11 September
The sessions will be recorded and can be consumed later, but the "real thing" is always the best.
You can get reply to your questions during training or on e-mail between training and the Hackathon.

  • Analytics Cloud, the teacher is Maria Lomonosova
  • BUILD, the teacher is Thomas Schörner 
  • HANA Query Engine, the teacher is Stein Tronstad
  • UI5 and WebIDE,  the teacher is Dietmar Steinbichler

Recordings from the training sessions are available below:

Read more links:
14 September

Recording from the training session explaining the Case
The concept of a DigitalTwin and the WindPower business.


10. Timeline - Hackathon days

21 September 10:30 - The Room opens and Coffee is served. Please be in time to be seated by 11:00


Aalborg - Room fib 14 (Smart lab). Charles Møller, +45 9940 7101

NTNU/MTP - Richard Birkelands veg 2B ( også kjent som Perleporten og det er en del byggeaktivitet der) Professor: Terje Rølvåg, +47 40065114

11:00 Grand Nordic Opening, same in all locations - Mandatory

  • Welcome and Judges are presented by EM Fahrer, SBN-Adfahrer.
  • Accenture wishes welcome and presents themselves.

11:20 Welcome by SBN representative, Accenture Mentors and industry Mentors introduce themselves. This happens in parallell in all six locations. - Mandatory

  • T-shirt’s are distributed.
  • The teams choose their team-number.
  • The Team Photo is made. The Team has to be dressed in T-shirts and holding the team-number sign visible. These team photos are later used in the presentations. - Mandatory
  • Lunch (Sandwiches) is served.
    PS: If you cant eat Sandwiches & Pizza, please bring your own food.

12:00 Hackathon begins. The Hackathon case-data and pre-loaded tools will become available.

  • 15:00  Coffee break and Brain Energising Exercises - Optional
  • 17:50  Catch up by EM Fahrer and Nordic Sponsor - Optional
  • 18:00  Work-Dinner = Pizza is served.

21:00  The room and building closes

22 September 9:00 Start of second day -  The room and building is open from 8:30.

  •   9:00 Start with short catch up - Mandatory
  • 10:30 Coffee break and Brain Energising Exercises - Optional
  • 10:50 Catch up by EM Fahrer and Nordic Sponsor - Optional
  • 11:00 Time to start to create the idea presentation if you haven't started before ...
  • 11:55 Hackathon idea presentation has to be sent by the teams to ck@adfahrer.com and registered as received to enable the team to be in the competition. - Mandatory

12:00 The Judges join in. The teams make their presentations.   

This is the 90 minutes where the teams make their 5-6 minutes a pitch “sell-in” presentation to the judges.
The presentation is made in front of the team computer in a “Skype-like” tool where the teams show and explain their presentation to the judges. 10 teams are presenting during at most 90 minutes. The startnumber is random.

The startorder is presented Friday 13:00 All teams have to be ready for their presentation on their time-slot. We will stop you if your presentation runs over. Not being ready and hereby delay, in presenting, will steal minutes from your presentation slot. In parallell lunch is served.

13:30-14:10 Judges vote and local Mentors select the best local team. 
Voting results are visible real-time in all locations.

  • 14:10 The voting-result and winning teams is presented by EM Fahrer.
    14:14 The best local team is nominated and awarded by the Mentors.

14:16 Prize ceremony + Group Photo.
Group Photo is to be made with all teams, mentors and the judges who come in after their votes have been given.

14:30 Estimated end. The room closes 15:00


Monday after the Hackathon:

  • Details regarding the cash awards will be sent by e-mail to the team lead of the winning teams.
  • Details regarding the opportunity to participate and present from Keynote stage at large SAP Conference in Oslo will be sent.

No later than 14 days after the Hackathon:

  • Signed Diplomas are distributed
  • LinkedIn endorsement are performed


11. - Contact persons

Organizer: EM Fahrer | +46 70 5697808, em[at]adfahrer.com

Aalborg University
Contact: Charles Møller, M.Sc.EE., Ph.D. | Charles[at]mp.aau.dk | +45 9940 7101
Aalborg University, CIP
Att: Charles Møller, +45 9940 7101
Fibigerstræde 16, Room: 2.119
9220 Aalborg

Chalmers University of Technology

Contact: Elad Schiller, Docent | elad.schiller[at]chalmers.se | +46-31-772 1052
Chalmers University of Technology
Att: Elad Schiller, +46 31 772 10 52
Rännvägen 6 (Room No 5110A)
S-412 96 Göteborg

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 
Contact: Björn Thuresson, Senior Researcher | thure[at]kth.se | +46 704-460164
Kungliga Tekniska högskolan
Visualiseringsstudion VIC
Att: Björn Thuresson, + 46 704-460164
Lindstedtsvägen 5, plan 4, rum 4450.
114 28 Stockholm

NTNU (University Trondheim)
 Terje Rølvåg, Professor | terje.rolvag[at]ntnu.no | +47 40065114
Hackathon adress: Richard Birkelands veg 2B / også kjent som Perleporten
(Det er en del byggeaktivitet der) 
Att: Terje Rølvåg, +47 40065114
Richard Birkelands veg 2B
7491 Trondheim

University of Oslo, SIRIUS organisation, 
Contact: Dr. David B. Cameron, Centre Coordinator | davidbc[at]ifi.uio.no | + 47 48084637
University of Oslo
Institutt for informatikk
Att: Dr. David B. Cameron, + 47 48084637
Gaustadalleen 23B
0373 Oslo


12. Registration:


For questions talk to your university contact or Eva-Maria Fahrer on 0046 70 5697808. Your contact data will be shared with our sponsors pls. advice if not OK.

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